Progress with us

With Corneloup, as material progresses, your whole business progresses with it. We implement all our professionalism and energy to offer you equipment that perfectly meets your requirements. We offer you our listening skills and our accompaniment to safeguard your project. Because you are unique, the experts in our design office take action to fully understand your requirements and design the solution most suited to your problem.

Whether it be an Archimedes screw conveyor, a heat exchanger or a mixer... the manufacturing phase has been at the heart of our historical know-how for over one hundred years. At this stage,precision is an art. Our engineers are experts in choosing the correct procedure. Inheritors of our tradition, they combine our values and rigour. But what would tradition be without innovation? Our eagerness to offer you innovative solutions is one of the keys to the performance of our plant and therefore yours… It is also a state of mind that prompts us to keep a constant eye on the future.

Our job:
to design, produce and maintain your mechanical handling equipment for bulk products.


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The experience acquired through our presence in international markets has enabled us to develop the know-how and technologies that satisfy the most stringent demands in terms of scope of work and is our source of innovation. The adaptation of our products to local requirements and to the industrial processes of our customers is a priority. Our commitment, often associated with a local partner, stems from our understanding of the needs, high-performance and high-quality conveyor solutions engineering, ease of maintenance, and our short response time in our communications. CORNELOUP guarantees a partnership at an international level.