• Salinerie[en]
    Salt production

Chemical and medical industry

chimie médical


Adipic acid, boric acid, carbonate, fertilizers, magnesia, nitrate, zinc oxide, PVC, salt, soda, sulphur...

The specific details of the materials transferred in the chemical industry require the development of highly technical equipment. Working with metals is the main field of Corneloup. The exceptional know-how of our team is brought to a very high level to work out solutions that remain effective and sustainable.


Food industry



Chestnuts, various types of flour, ice flakes, frozen fruit and vegetables, flaked fish, dough, starch, powdered egg, minced and frozen meat...

  Food industry standards for health and safety, high as they are, are consistent with the standards of Corneloup which has built its know-how on rigour and precision. Our technological mastery enables us to process any product, whatever its texture, density, creaminess... and whatever the task required.  

  • Viticulture[en]


  • Assainissement[en]

The environment



Sewage sludge, ash, organic waste, fine dust particles, hydrocarbons, clinkers, waste incineration dust, crushed soil...

Protection of the environment has become a major economic and social factor. Waste processing The processing and packaging of industrial waste and residue must be carried out with the greatest of care. We bring responses to companies that meet their highest expectations. Whether ensuring the transfer, blending or packaging of polluted materials, our equipment meets the highest standards with maximum efficiency.


Mineral industry



Chalk, coal, stone, potash, sand...

  The mineral industries require efficient and safe infrastructures to optimise their daily activity and also to meet the expectations of their teams and their own customers. They can rely on the efficiency of installations designed by Corneloup. We take particular care to produce solutions that are perfectly suited to the ecosystem of our customers: product, action, conditions, duration, safety, training, respect of the environment…  

  • Béton[en]
  • In each of the areas in which we have become the standard of reference, there is no room for the less than perfect. We exercise full control over operations entrusted to us in France and worldwide.

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